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    Null persistence for queues without breaking other things...

    Glenn Tarbox Newbie

      I'm evaluating JBoss for a high-rate ingestion system where persistence of messages is much less important than performance. Without venturing into messaging 2.0 (which looks promising) turning off persistence seems the best approach

      So I was happy to see the null-persistence-service.xml in the examples directory.

      Unfortunately, there is a bunch of stuff which breaks, (lots of exceptions get thrown having to do with XA, user manager etc.). I would post it all but its pretty easy to see what happens with a virgin install of AS 5.0 by swapping out hsqldb with null persistence in deploy/messaging.

      The usual google search points to older (multiple years old) wiki posts mostly talking about MQ. Its clear that there are a number of inter-related services which use persistence (and derived services supporting transactions etc). I've also decided to start with AS-5 (since I'm starting from scratch anyways) and these posts discuss the previous architecture.

      My ideal configuration would be both non-persisted high performance messaging queues and regular persisted queues and persistence support for all the other stuff which likes it. To start, I'd settle for just turning off persistence until I get up to speed although I have a feeling this will make things more difficult when using other JBoss capabilities (web stuff, things which actually need databases etc)

      Looking through the (rather large) configuration options, it seems clear that all this is possible... but, for a new JBoss initiate, how to decipher all the interdependencies given the available information seems daunting.

      Or am I hoping for something inconsistent with the architecture? (I ask this last part because it seems that there may be difficulties introduced due to multiple types of queues needed as other services require persisted queues etc)