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    Client jars for 5.0.0.GA/1.4.1.GA

    Bob Walker Newbie


      I'm just trying the 5.0.0 installation and all is well so far, but I can't find a definitive list of the required jars for a standalone client. I tried a "best guess" from the jars I have previously used for 4.2.2.GA/1.4.0-SP3. But I'm just crawling my way up a series of NoClassDefFound errors.

      The previous list was fine:


      Is there an equivalent for the current release? I looked here and in the installation guide to no avail::


      (My first 2 NoClassDefFounds were from org.jboss.logging.Logger, and javax.ejb.EJBHome).



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          Clebert Suconic Master

          JBoss5 has broken down the client jars.

          I had been through this on the client-example, and I came up with this list:

          <path id="execution.classpath">
           <pathelement path="./etc" />
           <pathelement path="../common/output/classes" />
           <pathelement path="./output/classes" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jnp-client.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-client.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-integration.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-security-spi.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jbosssx-client.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-javaee.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-messaging.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-remoting.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-serialization.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/javassist.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-aop-client.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/trove.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/log4j.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-logging-spi.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-logging-log4j.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-common-core.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-mdr.jar" />
           <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/concurrent.jar" />

          I used a mix of adding what I knew I would need plus:

          "find . -name \*jar -exec unzip -l {} \; > list.txt"

          And adding the missing class.

          I think this will be (or should be) documented on the JBAS user's guide.

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            Bob Walker Newbie

            Excellent, thanks for the quick reply Clebert, much appreciated.

            Do you know if these jars are identifiably versioned?

            I use Maven, and for previous incarnations I've just deployed copies of the jars from the distribution to my own repository with my own version numbers so I could be sure I was using the correct ones, but it would be nice to retrieve these from a central repository in the "normal" Maven way, specifying a definitive version number.

            Many thanks,


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              Bob Walker Newbie

              That's very useful - thanks again!

              I notice your initial list has jboss-messaging.jar as opposed to jboss-messaging-client.jar - is that correct?



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                Clebert Suconic Master


                When I originally wrote the list, jboss-messaging-client was not available on /client, and they fixed it later per my request.

                So replace jboss-messaging.jar by jboss-messaging-client.jar

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                  Bob Walker Newbie

                  I thought so - best to be sure though!

                  Thanks again,

                  All the best,


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                    Clebert Suconic Master

                    Depending on the JBAS features you're using, you may find other libraries not listed here, or maybe need less jars than I originally listed. but that will be totally specific to your case, and that's more a JBAS question.

                    jboss-all-client.jar was someting evil on JBAS as any time we (everybody at jboss) needed to patch production systems, we needed to make sure the new JAR was on the client path and in front of the jboss-all-client. That's why JBAS broke down the jboss-all-client.

                    The list I gave you was from the ejb.Session example. If you are using only queues you would probably need a fewer libraries.

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                      Bob Walker Newbie

                      Hi Clebert - one last one - I can't find an exact maven match for:

                      <fileset file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-client.jar" />

                      either in the pom you directed me at, or the repository at:

                      (only 5.0.0.CR1, not G.A.)

                      Can you assist?

                      Many thanks,


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                        Clebert Suconic Master

                        Hmm... you would need to ask that for jboss-as guys.

                        I will try to find out about something during the week.