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    Validating HtmlListShuttle

    Bob Corcoran Newbie

      I'm using an HtmlListShuttle and I need to validate the size of the target list. I wrote the typical faces validation method for that:

      validatelistShuttle(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, Object value)

      However, for a list shuttle, the source list is passed as the value parameter in most cases, but not all. Apparantly, the target list is passed only when the source list is empty. This behavior, of course, makes the HtmlListShuttle difficult to validate using the faces validation method.

      For the shuttle list, we would ideally need a validation method that passes both lists (so, four arguments).

      We can validate the target list size in the Invoke Application phase, but I was wondering of there was another way to validate an HtmlListshuttle earlier in the life cycle.