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    What is the purpose of the Journal files?

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      I have a very simple program that has two classes, both generate JMS messages and both accept each others messages with onMessage() methods. If I delete all the files that are in my data/journal directory, after startup I find that the program by default generates 400Mgs of journal files (40 files 10Mgs each). These seem to be defined in the jbm-configuration.xml file at about lines 85 to 94, here is the snippit :

      <!-- 10 MB journal file size -->


      <!-- Maximum simultaneous asynchronous writes accepted by the native layer.
      (parameter ignored on NIO)
      You can verify the max AIO on the OS level at /proc/sys/fs/aio_max_nr. (aio-nr will give you the current max-aio being used)

      I a curious, is this really necessary (400 MGs minimum) and what is it used for?