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    Simple question about JBM 1.4.1.GA package

    Alexandros Karypidis Novice

      Hi all,

      This question is fairly basic, but a total newcomer has to ask it:

      I want to use the JBM bundled in JBoss AS 5.0.0.GA and therefore read the docs for it. Now, when the server starts, it tells me:

      12:46:03,360 INFO [ServerPeer] JBoss Messaging 1.4.1.GA server [0] started

      So I'm looking for the documentation for 1.4.1.GA but both the downloads and documentation have only "beta" versions for 1.4.1:


      Now, I suppose the version bundled in JBossAS5 must have been pretty rigorously tested, so why is the package/documentation not available?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          I imagine that 1.4.1.GA was never released because it was for AS 5.0.0.GA only and a AS 4.2.3-related package was never built/tested. The 1.4.2 is for AS 4.2.3 (not AS 5.0.0.GA, there was another discussion on this topic).

          As far as the docs, it would be an interesting exercise to download the HTLM for both 1.4.1.Beta and 1.4.2.GA and compare them. Same could probably be said for comparing the code sources.