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    JBM poll frequency with HTTP transport

    dave s Newbie

      We've been successfully using the standard bisocket transport for our application but have a case where it would make more sense to use the HTTP transport. I've added the example remoting-http-service.xml file to our JBM server. The example file had the following:

      <!-- The period for polling for messages on the server -->
      <attribute name="callbackPollPeriod" isParam="true">102</attribute>

      Since that's more frequent than we need, I increased the value to 5000. The client is able to connect and read messages from the queue, but given the polling interval is 5 seconds, I would expect to see a low number of connections from our single client. But what I'm seeing instead is a steady stream of very short-lived connections. There are typically only about 3-10 sockets in ESTABLISHED state at any point in time, which isn't a problem right now as we have a single client, but as the number of clients connecting to this server ramps up I'm concerned about the number of connections spiraling out of control.

      The client was unchanged from using the bisocket transport to the http transport and it registers a MessageListener with the MessageConsumer rather than calling receive.

      Does the connection behavior I've described seem correct? Is there something else I can/should add or set in the http remoting config file? Do we have to do something differently in the client to use http remoting? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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          Tim Fox Master

          Please mention the exact version of JBM you are using, or it will be very hard for anyone to help you.

          Also please note that the HTTP transport is part of the JBoss Remoting project (not JBoss Messaging) so you might be better off asking in their forum

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            dave s Newbie

            Sorry, I meant to include the version info in the original post but then forgot. We're using JBoss 4.2.2 app server with JBM 1.4.0.SP3. I thought about posting in the remoting forum also but then I thought maybe it had more to do with how we've written the client. Using a MessageListener would seem to be the proper way of doing it, though the simple HTTP example uses the synchronous receive() call, so it wasn't clear if that was the proper way to do it when using the HTTP transport.

            I guess I'll post over in remoting also to see if anyone there has any ideas.