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    Having an issue with DeliveryDelay property

    Maxime Turner Newbie


      I'm trying to set the DeliveryDelay on an MDB that is connected to consume messages on a topic. I'm trying to basically have it send the message, set the context to rollback and I want it to retry 3 times waiting 2 sec. between each try.

      I was able to set the maximum retry attempts by using the @ActivationConfigProperty "dLQMaxResent" in my MDB, OR by configuring MaxDeliveryAttempts in my topic definition. So I can get it to send it 3 three times.

      However, any attempts at using RedeliveryDelay in either place causes problems in that the message is sent only once and there are no retries. It's like setting this property disables my other config. properties, although I do not see any errors in the deployment of the MDB or the activation of the topic on startup.

      I'm using jboss-4.2.3.GA with jboss messaging. Any help to better understand this issue would be greatly appreciated.