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    Actions do not work in CDK generated links

    Florian Hawlitzek Newbie

      I developed a new component based on an a4j command link.
      But when I use the component, the link always only submits the form - and ignores the action attribute.

      So I took the original link.jspx from RichFaces 3.2.2 GA and commandLink.xml to an new CDK based project.
      I only modified the package and tag names.
      -> Same problem

      When I use the original tag

      <a4j:htmlCommandLink style="float: right;" action="#{front.showSearch}">

      then something like this is generated:
      <a id="main:j_id79" style="float: right;" href="#" onclick="return _JSFFormSubmit('main:j_id79','main',null,{'main:j_idcl':'main:j_id79'} )">

      But if I use my gnerated tag
      <mirc:mirCommandLink style="float: right;" action="#{front.showSearch}">

      then the resulting link is completely different:
      <a href="#" id="main:j_id110" name="main:j_id110" onclick="A4J.AJAX.Submit('_viewRoot','main',event,{'parameters':{'main:j_id110':'main:j_id110'} ,'actionUrl':'/mir/views/mainChangePassword.iface'} );return false;" style="float: right;">

      Where is my error?