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    Asynchronous msg delivered synchronously

    Dave Bloodworth Newbie


      We're in the process of upgrading from JBoss 4.2.2 (with JBoss MQ) to JBoss 5.0.1 (with JBM). One of the changes we've noticed is that the first attempt to deliver an asynchronous message is made synchronously. This behaviour appears to be by design as it's documented in one of the JBoss Messaging docs.

      It causes us a bit of a problem as we currently make use of the async delivery (of MQ) to separate the client from some relatively intensive and time consuming server-side processing. We'd prefer this processing and any exceptions to be processed asynchronously such that the client is not aware of either.

      Is somebody able explain the rationale for the change and also let me know if there's a way to configure JBM such that it attempts all (async) deliveries asynchronously.

      Thanks in advance.