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    JBM2 Cluster config

    Abdel Dridi Newbie

      I checked out JBM2 code from SVN (revision 6038) and did the following:
      - Build the code.
      - Installed the build to 2 different Linux servers.
      - Configured the cluster (I set the tag "clustered" to true).
      - Configured a valid multicast ip address.
      - I saw that the "rmi.server.hostname" was not injected so I added the following to "run.sh" to fix the issue "-Djava.rmi.server.hostname="

      Then I started both servers - all the examples were working fine in both nodes (servers) except the ClusteredQueueExample.

      [TextMessage message2 = (TextMessage) messageConsumer.receive(5000);] message2 was null which means the cluster didnt work for me.

      Could you please tell me what I am missing?
      I set the logging to DEBUG mode but didnt see significant information about the cluster failover