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    Where is the parent pom for messaging ?

    nicolas duminil Novice


      I have a JBoss Messaging app which was developped in Eclipse, using WTP. I build it with WTP and deploy it either on the behalf of the JBoss plugin for Eclipse, or by exporting to an EAR that I deploy manually. Now, we need to go live and we need to build it with maven. I have spent one day by adding, one by one, maven dependencies to the pom and more dependencies I'm adding, more I need to add. It seem to be kind of sisif work. I beleive that there should be a parent pom somewhere that contains all the required dependencies for using JBoss in applications. Could anybody point me to such a parent pom ? I need to mention that the org.jboss:jboss-parent:3 parent pom doesn't help much as, while it probably contains some settings, ir doesn't contain the dependencies one needs in order to use JBoss.

      Many thanks in advance for any help,