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    What if singleton JBM starts on two servers?

    Sergey Zhigunov Newbie

      We are about to go production on the following configuration:
      1) Two JBoss servers are in the cluster for failover purpose.
      2) JBM is deployed as a singleton, so expected to run on one JBoss at a time.
      3) Remote JMS clients connect through HAJNDI.

      The question was raised, what if connectivity between JBoss servers lost. Each server will think it is the only one in the cluster and start JBM.
      So we will end up with two JBM running against the same database at the same time.

      Understand it was not designed for. The question is what may happen? Data corruption? Messages lost? Duplicate messages? Order broken? All of the above? There were instances when the connectivity through specific port was lost.

      JBoss 4.2.2 + JBM 1.4.0.SP3