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    JBM Clustering Issue

    Venu Kemthur Newbie

      JBoss - 4.2.3 GA
      JBM - 1.4.2GA SP!

      The Postoffice service in JBM has the following attribute

      <!-- The JGroups group name that the post office will use -->
       <attribute name="GroupName">${jboss.messaging.groupname:MessagingPostOffice}</attribute>

      Documentation says that nodes in a JBM cluster should have the same Group Name.
      Thats what we wanted and we set the value by passing the name as a JVM argument


      We have 4 JBoss Instances running in the same subnet; 2 clusters (with each cluster having 2 nodes)

      JBoss and other services (HTTP clustering/SFSB clutering etc) can read the -g (jboss.partition.name) param value and use it to form the proper cluster. (The Mcast IP and port are unchanged; Jgroup messages are dropped based on the JGroups group name)

      However JBM doesnt seem to consider the value passed in jboss.messaging.groupname and all the 4 nodes form a Postoffice cluster !

      Is this a known issue? (If JBM discards group name, we can try setting unique MCAST IP/Port, but this isn't clean)

      Let us know if there is any other way of resolving this issue?