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    JMS Bridge - MaxBatchTime not working

    Ross Nicholson Apprentice

      I'm using the 5.1.0 beta release of AS5

      Previously I had been using the following in my bridge configuration:

       <attribute name="MaxBatchSize">1</attribute>
       <attribute name="MaxBatchTime">-1</attribute>

      This worked but was very inefficient so I changed to this:

       <attribute name="MaxBatchSize">20</attribute>
       <attribute name="MaxBatchTime">200</attribute>

      If I send 23 messages, only 20 get transported across the bridge. I must send another 17 before the left over 3 get sent.

      There is jira issue related to this:


      A fix never seemed to be implemented for this. Note that unlike the above issue the remaining messages are never sent until the maxBatchSize is reached again.

      We will stick with a batch size of 1 as this is a suitable workaround in the short term on our production server.

      Any ideas greatly appreciated.