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    JBossAS 5.1.0CR1 & JBoss-messaging & jboss-remoting

    Radim Chlad Newbie

      I'm just trying out release candidate jbossAS5.1.0CR1
      and I have 2 questions:

      1) There is version 1.4.3 of of jboss-messaging inside this JBossAS release,
      but I didn't found such a version at jboss-messaging download section...

      2) There is version 2.5.1 of jboss-remoting inside this JBossAS release,
      but as far as I know versions 2.4.x 2.5.x are not officially supported by jboss-messaging 1.4.x

      (trying to replace version 2.5.1 with 2.2.2SP11_JBREM12 - svn head -
      throws some errors during jbossAS startup)

      Is this combination supported by jboss-messaging team, or it is just side-effect that those 2 version of jbm & jbrem are released together?