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    Multiple clients and message types - selectors?

    Joshua Tharp Newbie

      I am designing a system that will generate notifications of different types of events and will have different systems subscribed to it. All clients will only be interested in a subset of these events, although overlapping interest between clients is fully expected. Also, I need to add the ability to publish (or re-publish) certain events to individual clients to the exclusion of others that are generally interested the same published events.

      I basically control both the notifying system as well as the client systems so most options are available to me. All of them are currently using EJB3 annotations.

      I had originally thought that I could use a single topic to publish all notifications and have the clients use selectors to select only the event types interesting to each. In order to provide the ability to publish to specific clients, I thought I could use selectors there as well. Unfortunately, it appears that having dynamic or at least a programmatic selector is not possible (at least I haven't found a way to do this yet).

      So the question is two-fold.
      1) Is there a way to set/change a MDB selector programmatically?
      2) Is there a better approach to creating this communication scheme?