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    Performance Numbers for JBoss Messaging 2.0

    Craig W Newbie

      One of the features for JBoss Messaging 2.0 is it's performance...so what sort of numbers are being seen with topics (with msg's being persisted and not-persisted) and what size are the messages being sent (i.e. how complex are the objects in the messages)?

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          Tim Fox Master

          We haven't produced any scientific results and won't publish any until we can do them properly (hopefully before GA), but we have done some ad-hoc tests, to give you a taste:

          Performance very much depends on your hardware. Using a single quad core Xeon server with 16 GiB RAM and SAS hard drives as the messaging server we can currently hit around 50K *persistent* messages per second, each message is around 1100 bytes in size, that's a data persistence rate of around 60MiBytes/sec which is *very* fast.

          We hope to push that to around 100MiB/s which is close to saturating the disk's max physical write rate.

          For non persistent messages, on a single server I did about 350K small messages per second (empty bodies) and IIRC around 100K 1100 byte messages per sec.

          I don't want to be more specific than that right now, since the above results are not very scientific but they should give you an indication of what JBM 2 is capable of.

          Why not try it out yourself?