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    rich:effect should start automatically ... onload or somethi

    nimo stephan Master

      I have a panel with a text:

      <a4j:commandLink value="showMessage" reRender="myPanel">
      <rich:panel id="myPanel" rendered="true">
      <h:outputLabel value="Show Message" />
      <rich:effect for="window" event="onload" type="Opacity" params="duration:0.8, from:1.0, to:0.0" />

      Now, when I click the commandLink, then my Panel is reRendered successfully, but I want that the rich:effect starts automatically, when the panel is reRendered.

      I want this:
      "I click the commandLink, the panel gets reRendered and the message "Show Message" appears and vanish after 0.8 sec."

      How can I do that ??

      Any Ideas?