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    JBossMQ talking to remote Tibco EMS

    Mick Mullins Newbie

      I am a newbie to the concept of JMS. I am required to write a client to a SOAP/JMS web service running on a remote party's Tibco EMS server. How do I do it? Based on my basic understanding, the following are my options. Can you please comment?

      Option 1:
      If remote party has a naming service accessible via JNDI, I can simply lookup the Queue Connection Factory and then create connection from the factory and so on. Is this understanding correct? Do I need Tibco's client jar in my classpath?

      Option 2:
      If remote party has no JNDI, how do I do it? Do I need to locally have JNDI in place (I think JBoss includes it) and then somehow wire it to remote JMS server. If this is possible, can somebody please explain to me the details on how to do it in JBoss? Do I need Tibco's client jar in my classpath?

      Thanks in advance,