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    journal files not getting cleaned up and server startup fail

    Bijith Kumar Master

      I am using JBM 2.0.0.BETA1 stand alone server.
      I have added 1 million messages in a queue with following page settings in jbm-configuration.xml


      When I try to consume these messages it is observed that sometimes (especially when using Session.CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE), the journal folder size grows to 2 to 3GBs and stays there even after client has consumed all the messages. When I checked the Paging/ folder, it is empty (as expected). It seems the Journal garbage collector is not correctly cleaning up the files from journal/ folder.
      Now, the issue is that, when I try to restart the server, it fails and throws OutOfMemroyException. I am able to successfully restart the server after manually deleting all journal files.
      Now, I am not sure why server is loading the journal files on start up when all the messages are already consumed. Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated.