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    Clustering question (1.4.4)

    Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

      Hello there! We are preparing an environment that will consist of 2 physical servers, where we would have 2 instances on each server, a total of 4 JBoss AS instances. Those would be grouped in 2 separate partitions. So far this is working great. Now we need to add JBM to the cluster, and some questions arose:

      1st: We would like to have a HA cluster where all 4 nodes would form our fail over solution, but since the JGroups config of our jboss is separate in 2 partitions, would JBM act as a 4 instance partition or a 2x2 instance partition?

      2nd: Having a "single" cluster formed by 4 nodes on this scenario be the best approach?

      Best regards