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    JBoss Messaging examples for AS 5 download now available!

    Yong Hao Gao Master

      Dear AS 5 users,

      You can go to the JBM download page to get the JBM examples for AS5.


      It's provided as a zip file. The name takes the form of jbm-examples-.zip, where the represents the JBM version for the AS 5 release. For example the file jbm-example-1.4.3.zip is the JBoss Messaging 1.4.3.GA examples for AS 5.

      To install:

      unzip the example file to your local disk. All files are contained in a single folder called 'extra'
      copy the extra folder to your AS 5 home (i.e. $JBOSS_HOME).

      To run:
      You need to install ant before running any of the examples.

      for non-clustered examples: starting AS default config, and cd to the example folder and type 'ant'
      for clustered examples: setup and startup two AS clustered nodes, cd to the example folder and type 'ant'

      For details please read the readme under the folder of each example.