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    JMS priority

    Andrew Romanenco Newbie


      We are using jboss messaging with priorities. If I sent 100 messages with pr 0 and 2 with pr 1, receiver gets pr1 first and tgen other list.

      The question is: is it possible to mix priorities?
      I send 1000 with pr0 and 100 with pr1
      and I don't want to process p1 and then pr0. I want to have 2 for pr1 then 1 for pr0 and so on. Clients with pr0 should not wait....they should have a chance to be processed too

      how is it possible to implement?

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          Yong Hao Gao Master

          JBoss messaging 1.4 always tries to first deliver messages with higher priorities. You may try to use topic with selectors. For example, Client A subscribes the Topic T with selector that only accepts pr1, Client B subscribes to the Topic T with selector that only accepts pr0.