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    Any recommendation how to use JBM2 Producers Pool?

    Abdel Dridi Newbie

      I have an OutBound Queue accessible from 120 different web application deployed on the same Servlet container; each application will be producing messages to the OutBound Queue.
      I created two test cases to manage this and not sure what will be the recommended one:

      1. Each producer has its own resource lookup at application startup – I create a connection and producer keep using it to send messages to the queue. Connection failure was detected many times as well as “too many open files�. 2 sockets were open for each connection.

      2. All producers share the same connection, I was able to go further with this solution but down side that I created dependency on my application that can be moved to a different JVM where connection cant be shared.

      I went thru the JBM2 doc and saw that solution (1) should be avoided but I am looking if there are better ways of managing producer’s pool.