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    JMB2 Beta3 and JBAS51 - Using jbm-jms.xml to define queues.

    Simon Temple Newbie

      I tried creating my own jbm-jms.xml file and dropped it in the deploy folder but it doesn't look like it's deployed. i.e. I can't see the queue or topic when looking at the JMX Console (I added the JMX work-around to see org.jboss.messaging)

      Is the jbm-jms.xml file only processed when in the messaging.sar folder or can I configure where the configuration file(s) live? Can I have multiple configuration files or do I need to maintain one master?

      When the queues used to be created via MBeans we made our services depend upon the queue MBeans ensuring that queues were created before the services started. How can we ensure this startup dependency with JBM2?


      My jbm-jms.xml

      <configuration xmlns="urn:jboss:messaging"
       xsi:schemaLocation="urn:jboss:messaging /schema/jbm-jms.xsd">
       <queue name="MyQueue">
       <entry name="/queue/MyQueue"/>
       <topic name="MyTopic">
       <entry name="/topic/MyTopic"/>