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    JBM / JMS / EAI / c++ / wire-protocol

    Alexander Petitjean Newbie


      i write my diploma thesis about Enterprise Application Integration and I am a little bit confused, may be you can help me:

      I have a JBoss AS-5, running with JBM 1.x and 2 Queues. My task is to connect from an old c++ application to my queues as a consument. At the moment the c++ application is connected to Tibco EMS via Tibco EMS c-client API.
      The Tibco c-api documentation writes, that the API is 100% JMS compatible...
      So, is it possible to connect from this API to JBM ??

      As far, as I understand the JMS API, JMS is ONLY a API and every vendor can implement it different, for example with differen transport protocols. So you have different broker and - if you want to connect to broker X you have to use the client api of broker X. Is this correct ?

      So if this is the case, I have to use JBM c-API which will be available with JBM 2.x ? Or is it possible to use for example ActiveMQ c-client API ?

      And - what about AMQP ? Would this be a better way to use ? Isn't it the main reason for this api/protocol to connect with different vendors ?

      What about STOMP and OpenWire protocol ? Does JBM support this and how ?

      What is the default wire-protocol of JBM ? Is is correct, that if you use different JMS vendors on client and server side, which both use the same wire-protocol , that they will connect well ?

      Many, many, many thanks !!!