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    Many OrderingGroupMonitor logs

    Carl Heymann Newbie

      In a jboss messaging 1.4.4.GA instance, I'm getting the following log line, repeated at full speed, running up a many-gigabyte log file until the disk runs out of space quite quickly:

      2009-08-07 05:04:26,698 DEBUG [org.jboss.messaging.core.impl.OrderingGroupMonitor] message doesn't have group prop, fine by me

      I'm using several selector-based consumers on a single queue, called "bus".
      I could change the log level to hide the log, but I believe that the issue is the symptom of something else going wrong. I think the message consumers get disconnected from the jms server, since there are 55k messages in a queue while this log message is printing.
      When I stop and start up the jms server after this, it doesn't start up, but tells me:
      05:07:27,325 ERROR [ExceptionUtil] SessionEndpoint[q4-p1qgg2yf-1-77hgg2yf-845w3q-o40a] createQueue [r4-p1qgg2yf-1-77hgg2yf-845w3q-o40a]
      javax.jms.JMSException: There is no administratively defined queue with name:bus
      at org.jboss.jms.server.endpoint.ServerSessionEndpoint.createQueue(ServerSessionEndpoint.java:299)

      When I clear the journal database, everything is fine again.
      I have the following questions:
      Why would I get so many OrderingGroupMonitor logs? I suspect its related to the 55k messages in the queue.
      What could cause the "no administratively defined queue" error? Insufficient memory?
      What tools can be recommended to monitor the queue sizes?