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    Connecting more than one servers

    Amit Aggarwal Newbie

      Hi All,
      I have one ParentServer, which will generate all the messages [queue/topic] and atleast 20-50 other servers, on which we want to recieve the same message that was sent to the ParentServer by a client program. All these servers are running JBoss AS 5.1.x and JBM 2, BETA 4.

      Since I am new to messaging, based on whatever I have read so far, a bridge seems to be an appropriate approach for my scenario.
      1. Can one of the guru's confirm this or suggest a better alternative.
      2. If bridge, can I still connect all these server using the "Core bridge" instead of using the JMS 1.1 compliant bridge.
      3. Do I need to create one bridge for each connection b/w ParentServer and ChildServer ?

      I do need the JBoss AS application as we are recieving the message via an MDB and would also need some bussiness logic/container help once we receive the message.

      Thanks in advance,