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    Messaging not working reliably on failover

    Vinay Kumar Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 4.2.3GA with Messaging 1.4.2GA-SP1.

      I'm having 2 Jboss nodes. I'm having application deployed on these servers, which are firing events to a clustered queue & topic.
      I'm having a client which is listening to these events. I can see servers load balancing the calls invoked by clients resulting in jms messages, which is listened on clustered topic by the clients.

      I crash node1, all invocation calls are diverted to node2.
      The messages are seamlessly received by node2. (No exceptions on node2)
      Then I bring-up node1 again & wait until invocation calls are shared by both servers.

      Then I crashed node2, I see lot of exceptions on node1 for the failover. It takes few seconds until the failover is complete & then everything comes to normal.

      Problem: during the time failover is taking place, events are getting lost.
      - 1st case: It is successful in switching the load to next server; with no exception; no event loss; seamless to client.
      - 2nd case: The nodes which are once down, are not joining the cluster seamlessly on server side; as some failover sequence runs during the switchover. Events are getting lost in this process, & it is seamless to client.

      Why? this is critical & not the expectation.
      Is it a bug?