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    Not sure how to bind List to selectManyCheckbox

    John Ament Master

      So this is a seam app, but like usual no answer was to be found over there, so I'm hoping some JSF developers might have the answer.

      I've got this control on a page

      <h:selectManyCheckbox id="item" value="#{userManager.values}">
      <s:selectItems value="#{userManager.available}" var="item" label="#{item.name}" /> <s:convertEntity/>

      userManager.values is bound to a List, and userManager.available is also a List

      When I render the control, It looks fine. When i try to save the form, I'm getting "value is not valid" error and the entire control is marked in red. I assume this is a type conversion error, but when I look at the debugger, it appears that the type is correct, as the equals method is returning true.

      Any ideas?