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    No ping on secondaryBindPort or no reporting to JBM of conne

    Enrique Alonso-Martin Newbie

      Hello there,

      We are running Jboss AS 4.2.3.GA with JBoss Messaging 1.4.4.GA on one box behind a firewall, and we are connecting to one of the topics in the server using a stand alone client running on a different box.

      In remoting-bisocket-service.xm we have configured the secondaryBindPort to 4458. This port and the primary port 4457 are open in the firewall, but with a configured timeout of 1 hour.

      The problem we are experiencing is that if no message is sent within that timeout window, the firewall does not close port 4457 because of the ping sent from client to server. However, there is no ping on the secondary port and the most worrying thing is that, once the firewall closes 4458 because of the timeout, the problem is logged by jboss remoting in the client with DEBUG level, but JBoss Messaging is NOT notified of this exception. This prevents any further messages posted on the topic to be forwarded to the client, while the client sits there happily thinking that everything is OK.

      Summing this up, the problem is that, on one hand, when the secondary bind port times out at the firewall, JBM is not notified, and on the other, there is no ping from server to client that could prevent this from happening.

      Any ideas?
      Thank you in advanced.