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    Load balancing with new node

    Yong Zhang Newbie


      * JBoss 5.01
      * JBoss Messaging 1.4.2.GA-SP1

      I have a question about JBM Client-Side Load balancing:

      With Round Robin policy, the connections are spread smoothly across 3 nodes in the cluster, say: A,B,C.

      While the job is running with the connections to A,B,C, and now there is another new node, say D, joins the cluster.

      If a new connection is required to be created to D, is there any way that we can *ensure* this new connection will be created on D? and not to A,B,or C?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Tyronne Wickramarathne Newbie

          For the given scenario, the client won't be able to obtain a connection from the newly added node rightaway.

          However,once the cluster view is updated,it's upto the ClusteredConnectionFactory to decide/round robin on the new cluster formation.

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            Yong Zhang Newbie

            Thanks for the response.

            It would be a great feature that the connection can be obtained from the newly added node, in this case, new node can immediately join and share the load without losing existing connections.

            This will help another common scenario: three nodes(A,B,C) initially using client side load balancing. One node(say B) crashes and then it is restarted.

            Does this mean the client cannot obtain a connection to it(node B) anymore without losing existing connections to A and C?