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    JBoss Messaging Newbie Needs Help

    Eric Yomi Newbie

      I am relatively new to JBoss Messaging and I am currently evaluating it in the context of a project.

      The project itself consists of the development of a distributed Java application based on a client/server architecture. The clients are disparate UI technologies (Swing, Web and Command Line for now) running on Windows and Linux machines. The Server runs on Red Hat.

      The application is not built using J2EE. We have a proprietary application distribution mechanism that consists of managing multiple JVM processes running on one or more machines (each process is a distributed component).

      We use JBoss Messaging for inter-process communication. Being relatively new to this technology I would like your expert opinions on the following questions:

      1. Is our decision to use JBoss Messaging for Client/Server communication a sensible one, especially in the context of GUI Clients? What Challenges should we anticipate?

      2. We are using a standalone JBoss Messaging Server. Can this be configured for Single Sign-On?

      3. The JBoss Messaging documentation suggests that it can be configured to use JAAS authentication and authorisation. The JAAS example that ships with the JBoss Messaging Server shows a CallbackHandler that does nothing. How do you know that the client's credentials are valid? How do you know what the client is authorised to do and how is this handled when using JAAS? I am assuming that jboss-users.xml and jboss-configuration.xml files are not required when using JASS.

      4. When using JASS + LDAP server what exactly gets stored in the LDAP server? Are the files jboss-users.xml and jboss-configuration.xml still required? I am assuming no, in which case user accounts and credentials must be stored in the LDAP server. If so in what format and how is this accessed by the JBoss Messaging Server?

      I've had look on the internet for JBoss tutorials around this subject but couldn't find much.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.