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    How to clean hypersonic DB

    Thomas Ligny Newbie

      We are running an OraBPEL Process Manager server on a Jboss 3.2.6.
      The Hypersonic db embedded in the Jboss (used for JMS) grows gradually up to 1Gb after several weeks. This is very annoying as this consumes a big part of the memory allocated to the JVM (2Gb) running the Jboss.
      We would like to know how to "clean" this DB so that it doesn't reach that size. What we do now is restarting the jboss when the Hypersonic DB is too huge, the stop script empties the db.

      But what would be the consequences of emptying the hypersonic db while the jboss is running?
      And what kind of smater procedure could we use to prevent it from growing too much?

      Any help is welcome. Thanks!