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    Problem while creating RichFaces FileUpload component in Jav

    Khilesh Prasad Newbie

      Hello All,
      I want to generate Richfaces FileUpload on server side by java code and bind it in page. But I am not able to set the action method which get called when user uploads file through FileUpload.

      This is what I did in my code,

      HtmlFileUpload artattribComponentType = new HtmlFileUpload();
      // artattribComponentType.setAddControlLabel("Upload");

      //This is Important
      MethodBinding action = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getApplication().createMethodBinding("#{massProductOrderGrid.uploadListener(fileUpload_" + idCnt + "_" + attribCount + ")}", new Class[] {});

      By above code I am able to display RichFileUpload on page.

      In Rich File upload there is one FileuploadListener method which get called when we upload the Image with the parameter as UploadEvent, but when
      I am building the FileUpload on server, how do I set the UploadEvent of the uploadedd file.

      My question is how do I set the UploadEvent of uploaded image in my fileListener method. Form that event I can get the Information abt uploaded file

      Can anyone please guide me here what am I doing wrong?
      Am I missing something obvious here?

      Thanks and appreciate your response...