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    Question on Bugreport RF 4517

    Dirk Mallon Newbie

      Hallo !

      I'm in bad situation . I got a running productive application with many scrollableDataTables developed with 3.2.0GA . Know I tested the fileupload component for integration in this application. I didn't work . So I posted my problem here in the forum and got the advice to upgrade on a higher version. I upgraded to 3.2.2GA and the fileupload worked fine, but the scrollableDataTables throw exception as mentioned in RF 4517. I have tested more versions(3.2.1.GA , 3.2.2SR1) to get both running. But all failed.

      andreas_back mentioned in the comments(RF 4517) a version(3.3.0.....jar) he tested and that works(so far).

      I need a solution asap. May I get this version for testing and if testing succeed to use?

      thx in advance