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    Writing an Ajax enabled JSF Component using A4J

    Ahsan Javed Newbie

      Hi I have very complex jsf page that I have stripped down to this one,

      <a4j:form id="testForm">
      <a4j:log level="ALL" popup="false" width="600" height="400" />
      <h:selectOneMenu id="commArrangementCode"
      <f:selectItem itemValue=" " itemLabel=" " />
      <f:selectItems value="#{contextRefData.commArrgmtOffices}" />
      <a4j:support event="onchange" reRender="caoNameTest"/>
      <h:inputText id="caoNameTest" value="#{compPlanViewerMB.commArrangementName}" />

      Basically in this jsp, on the change of htmlSelectOneMenu the textBox is reRendered with the value of the selected Option.

      Now I want to achieve the same functionality using a custom JSF component, Can you please let me know what should be the code for this.
      I also have posted same kind of issue here at ...

      This is something I have not seen on net so far and I am still getting it on my nerves. Any help will be welcome.