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    Encoding problem

    Dmitry Pinaev Newbie


      Has anyone experienced a problem with the character encoding recently?
      I have noticed when an international (e.g. Russian) charcter is entered on a page, it is submitted to the backend garbled. By tracing I see that TagValueExpression.setValue is called with the already garbled value.

      I've tried using "richfaces-ui-3.2.2.SR1" and "richfaces-ui-3.2.3-20081106" with no luck.
      The text entered into "h:inputTextarea" as "Что-то по-ру��ки" comes to the bean as "�§Ñ‚�¾-т�¾ �¿�¾-руÑ�Ñ��º�¸".
      All the pages contain meta "<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/xhtml; charset=UTF-8" />"

      The code I am using has not changed for months, and used to work before.

      Can anyone shed any light? Thank you!