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    Usage of Conditional Checking in <rich:Column>

    Anil Reddy Newbie


      I need to do conditional checking(i.e if then else) on the <rich:Column> of <rich:datatable> in the following way,but it seems doesn't work.Could any body please advise on how to do this conditional checking in rich faces.

      <rich:column sortBy="#{inventory.onlineStatus}" sortOrder="ASCENDING">
      <c:when test="${inventory.onlineStatus=='Inactive'}">
      <h:outputText class="text-heading-red" value="#{inventory.onlineStatus}"/>
      <h:outputLink value="#" id="activate">
      <h:outputText class="text-heading-blue" value="Activate"/>
      <c:when test="${inventory.onlineStatus=='Active'}">
      <h:outputText value="#{inventory.onlineStatus}"/>
      <h:outputLink value="#" id="De-Activate">
      <h:outputText class="text-heading-blue" value="De-Activate"/>
      <h:outputText value="#{inventory.onlineStatus}"/>

      Thanks in advance..