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    Signout in ajax request

    Daniel Ku Newbie


      in the last hours, i become crazy by using a simple ajax request. I am using Richfaces in a JBoss Portal environement and want that no exception will show to a user of my portal.

      But with ajax stuff this seems unpossible !???

      I have configured a session-timeout of one minute. When i click after this time on any a4j:commandButton i receive a FacesException. If i click instead a h:commandButton my portal show up login page. Is there a possibility to call signout from a a4j:commandButton? I tried to work with a filter, but any Filter is useless because its just a "simple" Ajax request instead of a PortletRequest.

      Every help is welcome,


      - JBoss Portal 2.6.5 GA
      - RichFaces 3.2.2 GA
      - PortletBridge B4
      - Facelets 1.1.4