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    rich:contextMenu inside scrollable div problem


      When I use a scrollable div for the center of my application, rich:contextMenu will not open next to the button I attached it to. It opens in the same place at the top of the page. Which is not visible if the user has scrolled down. I have specified both attachedTo and attached=true.

      If I remove the scrollable panel it works as expected.

      Please see code samples below and suggest a workaround or mistake on my part.

      I have the following code in a column of a datatable.

      <a4j:commandButton id="releaseAvailableButton" onclick="return false;"/>
       <rich:contextMenu id="searchMenu" event="onclick" disableDefaultMenu="false" attachTo="releaseAvailableButton" submitMode="none" attached="true">

      The center panel of my application
       <a4j:outputPanel align="center" id="outerCenterPanelContent" styleClass="outerCenterPanelContent">
       <a4j:outputPanel align="center" id="centerPanelContent" layout="block">
       <ui:insert name="content"></ui:insert>

      with CSS


      This keeps the my menu and footer from moving when the center of the application is scrolled by the user.