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    Rerennder outer region panel from an inner Ajax region

    Saravanan Vijayappan Newbie

      When I try to rerender the outside region panel from an inner ajax region, rerender is not taking any effect. Shouldn't I call ?. How to rerender outside region components when some action is done inside region?

      My code snippet

      <rich:panel id="myPanel" style="width: 500px">
      <f:facet name="header">
      <h:outputText value="Enter User Information" />

      <a4j:region id="itemIdReg" renderRegionOnly="true">
      <h:panelGrid border="0" columns="2">
      <h:outputText value="#{content.itemId}"/>
      <h:inputText id="ItemId" value="#{MyBean.itemId}">
      <a4j:commandButton reRender="myPanel" actionListener="#{MyBean.loadItem}" value="Load"></a4j:commandButton>
      <h:panelGrid border="0" columns="2">
      <rich:outputText value="Name">
      <rich:inputText value=#{MyBean.userName}>
      <rich:outputText value="Address">
      <rich:inputText value=#{MyBean.address}>

      outside "Mypanel" is not rerendered when inside region commandButton - actionlistener is fired.