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    Hot deployment in Jboss for AOP applications


      I am a newbie to AOP and I liked to know how to do hot deployment in jboss for aop applications. Please help me.
      I am using jboss 4.2.1 and jboss AOP 1.5.6 (since our product already in production)

      I will explain the steps I had followed. Please correct or provide the steps.Thanks.

      1. I have an aspect (LoggingAspect.java) and a POJO(POJO.java).
      2. precompiled it using aopc with the following the jboss-aop.xml file
      (prepared the POJO for all join points)

      <aop> <prepare expr="all(POJO)"/> </aop>

      3. Deployed the aspect.jar (contains LoggingAspect.java) and aopTest.war in jboss/server/default/deploy (contains the POJO class and a test.jsp which calls the POJO methods)
      4. When I try invoking the test.jsp, I am able to see the aspect working properly as expected. Able to see the log statements (test-aop.xml in deploy specifies the point cuts for POJO methods)
      5. I tired undeploy (deleted the test-aop.xml) and as expected the aspect is not working.

      My problem is when i deploy again a new test-aop.xml with different point cuts, this time the aspect is still not working.

      I expect it will pick the new point cuts mentioned in the test-aop.xml.
      Please correct me if i am wrong and Please let me know the correct deployment structure for hot deployment.

      NOTE: when i tried the same with stand alone application it works. Prepared the POJO while precompiling. And run with jboss-aop.xml. It works. Again didnt compile, just run with a new jboss-aop.xml with different point cuts, it still works.