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    Introducing Shotoku

    Damon Sicore Novice

      Shotoku is designed to provide easy access to content repositories in which you can store data and bind metadata. The current implementation is based on a Subversion repository with a local working copy. Shotoku allows you to "inject" content into any POJO using annotations. POJOs which are Shotoku aware are automatically updated when a user updates a node in a Subversion repostory Shotoku is configured to reference. Content can be anything and there are no structural requirements placed on the repository--even existing Subversion repositories can be referenced by Shotoku without modification.

      In the future, semantic web integration, feed generation (basing on Apache Velocity templates), clustering support and a web interface will be implemented.

      Shotoku's project page is hosted in JBoss Labs here:


      Also, please read the wiki here:



      The Shotoku Team