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    Example of checkout->modify->checkin

    jasonw1 Newbie

      Can you give an example of how to checkin; checkout; and add documents to/from SVN through shotoku? I have read the documentation, but it is very limited. I am trying to figure out where shotoku fits within a web application and how to interface with it to get files in and out of svn.

      What I do know (which is very limited even outisde of the shotoku topic :))

      1) Shotoku sets on top of SVN and within an AS container.
      2) well 1) pretty much covers what I know ;)

      I looked at the UML diagrams, but do not see methods for checkin/checkout (Maybe I need to look harder). Is there any installaiton documentation? I see the configuration doucmentation, but nothing on droping a war/ear/jar.

      Seems like a great product but there isn't alot of documentation. I think you guys need to draw straws to see who has to stop developing and write some documentation on product that seems to be well designed and thought through.


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          jasonw1 Newbie

          after putting down my crack pipe and changing my thought process from Visual Source Safe to cvs and svn I just remembered that cvs does not have checkin and checkout. It would be nice though to have a complete example of how to install, setup, retrieve and commit changes to resources stored in svn through shotoku.

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            Adam Warski Master

            I've put a simple example of usage here:
            http://labs.jboss.com/wiki/BasicShotokuFunctions (at the bottom). I hope it clarifies things a bit :)

            For installation, you need to (provided you have downloaded the ear)
            1. configure 00shotoku.ear/shotoku-base.ejb3/shotoku.properties (you specify there where your WC is, among other things)
            2. drop it to the "deploy" directory
            And of course have the AS configured :).

            If you have any further problems, please write.


            ps When it comes to writing documentation, suddenly nobody has any straws ;)