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    scrolling div with rich:hotKey when rich:modalPanel is open


      My users kept complaining about not being able to scroll the page after a modal was open to see other information in order to complete the form.

      I used rich:hotKey to facilitate this.

      <rich:hotKey key="alt+ctrl+up"
       <rich:hotKey key="alt+ctrl+down"

      I am sure this can be used to scroll the browser if there is no div to scroll.

      Here is a link to a Jira issue for a non modal panel

      What is the reason for not having a simple property flag to make a panel modal or not? Or, is there some other option or workaround?

      I would rather not rework my application that has many modalPanels.

      I would even consider submitting a patch if someone would tell me why this might be difficult or conflict with Richfaces in general.