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    Welcome - READ ME 1st!


      Welcome to the JBoss/NetBeans user forum! The upcoming release of the NetBeans IDE (5.0) includes extensive support for JBoss 4, including:

      * Starting and stopping JBoss
      * Deploying Web and EJB applications
      * Fast directory-based deployment
      * Debugging of Java and JSP code
      * Easy access to the JBoss Administration Console

      This forum is for discussing the development of J2EE applications for JBoss with the NetBeans IDE. Additional resources include:

      NetBeans IDE Home Page

      Using NetBeans with the JBoss Getting Started Guide

      NetBeans IDE 5.0 Quick Start Guide for J2EE Applications

      NetBeans IDE 5.0 Release Page

      NetBeans IDE Mailing Lists Page (see especially the nbj2ee@netbeans.org mailing list dedicated to J2EE development)

      Petr Jiricka
      NetBeans J2EE Team