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    JBoss and NB 5 Beta 2

    Patrick Wright Newbie

      I just upgraded from NB 5 beta 1 to beta 2 this week. After installing NB 5 beta 2 earlier this week, I now tried setting up JBoss under Tools/Server Manager, and found that the option under "Choose Server" in the "Server" drop down was for JBoss 4.0.3. I *think* that for NB 5 beta 1 this was JBoss 4.0.2.

      My question is, if my installation of JBoss is external to NetBeans--what does the 4.0.3 indicate, e.g. what has changed as far as NB is concerned? I am able to start up JBoss from within NB, restart it, deploy my app, all is good--just wondering about this versioning and if I need to worry about that (am about to start a project that is on 4.0.2).