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    Netbeans and Jboss Ide

    Gabriele Garuglieri Newbie

      Hi all,
      is there any plan to port jboss ide, or components of it to netbeans?
      I'm most interested in jboss aop for which there's no support in netbeans.

      I'v been an eclipse fan for years, but now i have real things to keep up with and wtp is changing so much from release to release that now if i want to switch to wtp 1.0 i have a bunch of projects to completely take apart and reassemble and that cannot be done easily until wtp is based on eclipse 3.2, that's not likely to happen until mid 2006.
      I really cannot wait so long and i'm evaluating a possible switch to netbeans that seems to be much more stable under this point of view.

      What is still holding me is the fact that i was thinking to begin aop usage in my projects, but for that there no visual support in netbeans...