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    jboss, netbeans and sql server 2000

    vivien siu Newbie

      hi, I'm totally new to all three mentioned in title above. I have installed jboss 4.0.3, netbeans 5.0 beta 2 and sql server 2000.

      I'm using jtds as the driver to connect to sql server. My question is how should I configure the jboss to acknowledge the jtds driver and sql server. I have not add anything to the lib or done any changes to the datasource and to Jboss at all. So I think my jboss is still pointing to Hibernate db.

      Ermm... thanks in advance :)

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          Libor Kotouc Newbie

          Please try to look at the NetBeans IDE Help topic 'Servers and Databases > Servers > JBoss Application Server > Setting Up a Connection Pool ...'

          It talks about PointBase database server but it can be understood generally.

          Following steps must be done (basically):
          1. create a data source (DS) pointing to your database
          2. place a database driver into JBoss
          3. tell your web/ejb module what DS it should use

          There are other things like mapping entity beans to the DB tables, fields to columns etc.

          NetBeans does not support generation of the JBoss-specific deployment descriptors, except some basic settings in jboss-web.xml, thus you must edit it yourself.
          On the other hand you can use NetBeans to generate the CMP entity beans from a database.